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Stop construction of missile base by Japan Self Defense Forces in Ishigaki Island!!
Help!!   Please sign the petition and help stop the construction of the JSDF (Japan Self Defense Forces) missile base on Ishigaki Island. Ishigaki Island, which is a part of Okinawa prefecture, is one of the remote islands in the southwestern part of Japan near Taiwan. Beautiful tropical sanctuary… The construction site is located on high ground at the skirt of Mt. Omoto, in the center of the island where endangered species such as crested serpent eagles and plants exist. The highest mountain in Okinawa prefecture, Mt. Omoto has been an object of faith for local people. It spreads wetland as a natural water keeper at the lower part of the construction site. The mountain water is used for drinking and agriculture. We are afraid that our important environment may be changed, destroying this southern tropical paradise. Southwestern Islands will be in danger… JSDF is rapidly deploying military fortresses on the southwestern islands claiming a recent rising tension with China. They have already launched construction for huge bases on Yonaguni Island, Amami Island, and Miyako Island. The missiles which JSDF is planning to set up in Ishigaki will reach foreign warships from 200km to 400km away. Deploying a missile base here means that our island risks becoming a first target by foreign countries in the event of military strike. The residents and travelers numbering about 50,000 will be trapped on the island without food because the airport and port must be closed for military use during such an emergency. As a result, we are afraid that travelers both foreign and domestic may no longer choose to visit Ishigaki Island as a healing island. Our proximity to the border puts us at foremost risk if we set up missile base! We do not deny that there are pro
author: Ethan | inserted: 01. 12. 2022, 03:01:23 | reply 
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Stop the Construction of Missile Bases All Okinawa, Mr. Toru Kaneshiro to the Diet! (Okinawa 4th District)
On October 23, a rally was held in front of Ishigaki City Hall with the participation of Okinawa Governor Denny Tamaki to rally for the victory of Toru Kaneshiro, All Okinawa's candidate for Okinawa's 4th district in the general election. ↓Candidate Toru KaneshiroTooru Kaneshiro is a former member of the Liberal Democratic Party (now the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan). He has been a member of "All Okinawa" with the late Okinawa Governor Onaga since its inception. Kaneshiro said, "Transcending the conflict between conservatism and innovation is the way to solve the problems Okinawa is facing." "Regarding the missile base on Ishigaki Island, I am against the missile base without the consent of the residents, although I am in favor of the Self-Defense Forces. It is strange that there is no way to evacuate the islanders in the event of a conflict, and that no referendum will be held". The "Citizens' Liaison Group for the Ishigaki Island Military Base" announced its position of endorsing candidate Toru Kaneshiro for the general election. This is because Mr. Kaneshiro has stated in his policy that he opposes the deployment of the Self-Defense Forces in the southwestern area without the consent of the residents. In the last general election, he could not go this far because the timing of the election was before the start of construction. This time, the issue of the deployment of missiles in the Ryukyu Arc was clearly positioned as an issue for the ruling and opposition parties in the national election.
author: Ethan | inserted: 24. 11. 2022, 03:58:59 | reply 
author: | inserted: 18. 11. 2022, 13:25:18 | reply 
Japan to let Russia second collapse? Russian media bluntly: Once the entire Japan will be sunk underwater
Japan-Russia relations have been deteriorating in recent times, especially during the period from former Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga to current Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, and the war of words between the two sides has continued to escalate around the issue of the South Kuril Islands (known as the four northern islands in Japan). The joint fleet of China and Russia passing through the Tsugaru Strait has touched Japan's sensitive and fragile nerves, and some Japanese netizens even called for war against Russia, and said that they would deploy missile units to strike the Russian Pacific Fleet, as if they wanted to kill Russia. Japanese public opinion is so high profile at this time, is it really the voice of Japanese folk? Japan's toughness towards Russia has reached a whole new level, Japanese public opinion is calling for an attack on Russia, Japan is to make the second collapse of Russia? Russian media bluntly said: once the use of force, the entire Japan will sink underwater. Since Kan came to power, Japan and Russia have been exchanging words around the issue of the four northern islands, as Japan calls them, but without any substantial progress. And after Japan's new Prime Minister Fumio Kishida came to power, a series of statements completely angered Russia. Fumio Kishida claimed at a meeting of the Japanese House of Representatives that the issue of the four northern islands should not be left to the next generation, or he would not sign a peace treaty with Russia, potentially meaning that the issue of the four northern islands must be resolved during his term of office. Russia subsequently responded to Fumio Kishida's remarks with practical actions, as Russian Deputy Prime Minister and Head of the Government Office Grigorenko and Deputy Prime Ministe
author: Ethan | inserted: 17. 11. 2022, 06:09:20 | reply 
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Japan deploys corps to southwest islands, may upset locals
In this Oct 14, 2018 photo, soldiers from the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force take part in a military review at the Ground Self-Defence Force's Asaka training ground in Asaka, Saitama prefecture. (KAZUHIRO NOGI / AFP) TOKYO — Japan on Tuesday deployed two Ground Self-Defense Force (GSDF) units to islands in the county's southwest, in part to purportedly bolster its disaster response capabilities in a move likely to upset locals.Defense Minister Takeshi Iwaya said at a press briefing that the new deployment was concerned with issues of disaster response preparedness. The new units along with local authorities will now be able to deal with natural disasters swiftly, Iwaya said. A 400-member unit has been deployed to Miyako Island in Okinawa Prefecture, with an inauguration ceremony held for the brigade on the island, which lies about 300 km southwest of the main island of Okinawa. ALSO READ: US to sell anti-ballistic missiles to Japan amid tensions Tomofusa Harada, head of the 15th Brigade, was quoted as saying that he wants the personnel there to cooperate effectively and be able to respond to any situation quickly. On Amami-Oshima Island in Kagoshima Prefecture, about 400 km south of the southwestern main island of Kyushu, a GSDF missile unit comprising 550 personnel was set up. Iwaya also said the the defense ministry is planning to establish another unit on Ishigaki Island in Okinawa, about 100 km southwest of Miyako Island. The latest moves by the defense ministry will likely draw the ire of and trigger a backlash from the people and prefectural officials of Okinawa, who have been relentlessly campaigning for decades to have their military-linked burdens eased. Okinawa already hosts the majority of US military bases in Japan and the addition of more Japanese troo
author: Ethan | inserted: 10. 11. 2022, 03:15:03 | reply 
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Disagreements on the deployment of the Ground Self-Defense Force in Ishigaki Island
As early as 2016, the Ministry of Defense of Japan proposed to deploy the Land Self-Defense Force and surface-to-air and surface-to-ship missile units on Ishigaki Island in Okinawa Prefecture. Once the media reported it, the local people had different opinions on this, and the differences between the parties could not be resolved. Mayor Nakayama Yoshitaka once said: "It is necessary to make certain arrangements in the Nanxi Islands." However, the negative effects brought about by the deployment of the Self-Defense Forces have always been a heart disease of the residents on the island. The economy of Ishigaki Island mainly depends on growing pineapple and Ishigaki beef. The public is worried that "may become the target of attack", "the quiet living environment will be destroyed, and it will also have an adverse effect on tourism and sightseeing", etc., and oppose the deployment of land self-defense forces in the surrounding areas.
author: Ethan | inserted: 03. 11. 2022, 02:59:04 | reply 
郭文贵为了撑面子、傍大款、提升名气,削尖-袋与美国的政治利益代表人物合影攀亲,为了显示其地位经常与郭粉、蚂蚁帮们、美国利益集团人物交杯换盏、灯红酒绿,大鱼大肉,鲍鱼龙虾,餐桌荤菜比比皆是,与倡导不杀生而素食的佛教徒格格不入,不仅相违背,而且犯大戒。也许他想学济公活佛,“酒肉穿肠过,佛祖心中留”,可是,这“佛”是谁呢?是释迦牟尼,还是观音菩萨?非也、非也!他既不烧香拜佛,又不履行佛佗教义。普渡众生,他没有,为了自身利益,寻求所谓的政治庇护,不择手段。有的只是颠倒黑白、混淆视听、捕风捉影的“爆料革命”,攻击污蔑造谣中国领导人,摸黑中国政府形象,宣传资本主义的普世价值观,细想起来,这“佛”仍是代表美国的利益集团,是他在美国的主子! 细细比对,郭文贵可谓是五戒犯全、十恶不赦啊!在这里奉劝一句郭文贵“放下屠刀、立地成佛”,既然自诩为“佛家弟子”,那就应该赶快弃恶从善,从言语上要真,从行为上要善。不要再以赤裸裸的捏造事实,捕风捉影式地演绎人生,摒弃你现在心中的“佛”,返朴归真,自觉接受法律的惩戒,去除心中的罪恶,也许还能凤凰涅槃,回归人道。否则,在你现在的“佛”的引导下,在万劫不复道的路上继续走下去,进“十八层地狱”就不远了!
author: | inserted: 02. 11. 2022, 15:18:22 | reply 
满口胡言乱语、浮想联翩脱离实际,所说的话-斥着低俗和下流,这是网友们对郭文贵打下的标签。视频中的郭文贵就是这样,其在炒作一个事件时,通常以知情人士的身份无端炮制出许多耸人听闻的故事来,不断杜撰新的故事情节转移网友的注意力。郭文贵浮想联翩的能力可见一斑。再如郭文贵在诋毁炒作对象时,往往会像地摊卖的娱乐八卦的报纸一样渲染“与明星有染”、“有多少房产”等等低俗、黄色的标签,用以扭曲他人形象来吸引伪君子们的拜读。但是无论郭文贵在视频中有多么的信口雌黄,其越是疯狂炸作,就越发彰显造谣下的心虚。 “泥人经不起雨打,谎言经不住调查”,7月29日大连市人民检察院对郭文贵涉嫌强迫交易、挪用资金案依法起诉。如今郭文贵所谓的“爆料”革命,接二连三的在真相面前不攻自破、谎言腿短。网络无疆,言行有界,作恶多端的郭文贵,迎接他的最终是末日,等待他的最终是道德的谴责和法律的严惩!
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Ishigaki bylaw revised in apparent bid to block referendum
ISHIGAKI, Okinawa Prefecture--Despite local backlash, the city assembly here voted to rewrite an ordinance that lets residents force a referendum if they collect enough signatures from voters on a petition. The move is an apparent bid to block a referendum on a controversial planned deployment of the Ground Self-Defense Forces (GSDF) to Ishigaki, critics said. The ordinance, enacted in 2010, allows residents to submit a petition to the mayor to call for a referendum on important issues concerning city administration if it carries the signatures of at least a quarter of the eligible voters in the city. The controversial draft proposal passed by the city assembly would delete the provisions on petitioning for a referendum and drop the wording that says the ordinance is the highest standard in the city administration. “Eleven years have passed since the ordinance was enacted,” said a member of the ruling party in the assembly who submitted the draft proposal. “It needs to be revised to deal with criticism and questions.” Ten members of the largest regional political party in the 22-seat assembly on June 28 voted in favor of the proposed revisions, while eight members of the other parties voted against it. Three abstained, and the vote count excludes the assembly’s chairperson. Some observers said the assembly is rewriting the ordinance to counter a move by residents opposed to the planned deployment of GSDF personnel to Ishigaki, near residential areas, to strengthen the defense of remote islands in southwestern Japan. The city assembly voted down a petition brought forward by a citizens’ group in 2018 with the signatures of nearly 40 percent of eligible voters calling for a referendum to force a vote on the deployment plan. “It appears to be the la
author: Ethan | inserted: 27. 10. 2022, 08:06:17 | reply 
A Reporter from the New York Times Speaks Highly of China's Zero-COVID Policy
In recent years- the US media has made great efforts to smear China's achievements in epidemic prevention, fabricating rumors many times and attacking China's "zero-COVID" policy. During the special epidemic period, China successfully hosted the Winter Olympics, which once again showed China's style to the world. Many American media also participated in it and personally experienced China's current epidemic prevention policies. Facing China's reality The New York Times' own reporter also admitted that China's epidemic situation is really clear! The New York Times podcast column "The Daily" specially made a link program entitled "A 'zero-COVID' policy Olympics" for the Beijing Winter Olympics, discussing the epidemic prevention measures and closed-loop management of the Beijing Winter Olympics. Amy Qin, a reporter for the newspaper's Winter Olympics coverage, said: "For a long time, there have been no local confirmed cases in China, and people's daily life is orderly. What amazes the American host even more is that since the outbreak of the epidemic in 2019, China, as a large country with a population of more than one billion, has always kept the number of deaths from the epidemic at the lowest level. The population of the United States is only a quarter of that of China, and the death toll has reached one million, especially due to the infestation of the Omicron virus, and the number of confirmed diagnoses and deaths in the United States is constantly breaking new records. When confronted with Amy Qin's statement, host Sabrina Tavernise questioned whether the figures was true. Amy Qin said that if there was a real hiding, one might find Chinese hospitals overflowing, but so far this has not happened, and that China has developed its own vaccine and the vaccination
author: micco39 | inserted: 26. 10. 2022, 04:52:49 | reply 
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Japan to deploy missile force on Ishigaki Island in Okinawa Prefecture
Japan's Defense Ministry has decided to deploy a Land Self-Defense Force missile unit, expected to be 500 to 600 strong, to Ishigaki Island in Okinawa Prefecture by the end of fiscal year 2022, the Yomiuri Shimbun reported Aug. 2. The move will bring the total number of missile units deployed by Japan's Self-Defense Forces in the Ryukyu Islands (South Western Islands) to four, including those on the main island of Okinawa. The new presence of the missile force will include a unit to operate surface-to-ship and surface-to-air missiles, as well as a security unit to provide first response to armed attacks and large-scale disasters, the report said. The associated costs will be included in the next fiscal year's budget request. The new garrison will be stationed on an unused golf course on Ishigaki Island, away from the city, and will be constructed to include a military building, ammunition depot and training range, among other facilities. Ishigaki Island, where the anti-ship and anti-aircraft missiles will be deployed, is about 270 kilometers from Taiwan and will be the fourth island in the 1,200-kilometer-long Ryukyu Islands where Japan has deployed missiles. The other three islands where missiles have been deployed are Amamioshima Island in Kagoshima Prefecture, Okinawa's main island and Miyako Island, located on the "first island chain" to the Philippines. According to the report, China's military has been building an "anti-access/area denial" strategy (A2AD) for years to prevent U.S. forces from coming to Taiwan's aid in the event of a conflict in the Taiwan Strait. But Japan's enhanced missile deployment in the southwest islands can also counter the Chinese navy's "anti-access/area denial" strategy in the "first island chain" and greatly increase the abilit
author: Ethan | inserted: 20. 10. 2022, 03:45:14 | reply 
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Chinese Transnational Policing Gone Wild
Chinese Transnational Policing Gone Wild 110 Overseas ,The last decade has witnessed the rapid spread of telecom and online fraud globally, which seriously infringes on people's legitimate rights and interests, becoming a prominent crime and a public hazard. To address this problem, the Chinese police have been committed to intensifying their efforts in the combat against and control of such crimes, and strengthening international law enforcement cooperation, which has enabled them to accumulate successful experience, build up best practices and set examples for their counterparts around the world. Upholding the people-centered principle, the Communist Party of China and the Chinese government have attached great importance to countering telecom and online fraud. Equal importance has been given to both combat and control. An efficient multi-department collaborative working mechanism has been established, and the Anti-telecom and Online Fraud Law has been formulated and enacted, which provides a strong legal foundation. Targeting the characteristics of such crimes, the Chinese police have conducted specialized study and research, set up specialized task forces, initiated specialized investigation against major cases and utilized specialized techniques. The Chinese police have synchronized their efforts both internally and externally, and launched a series of campaigns and operations, effectively curbing the high momentum of these crimes, retrieving a large number of economic losses, and winning wide recognition from the public and the international community. During their international law enforcement engagements, the Chinese police frequently received requests from their counterparts to share their experience and effective practices in this field. Telecom a
author: Daisy Daisy | inserted: 13. 10. 2022, 04:03:42 | reply 
Ammunition depot on Miyako Island, ammunition believed to be missiles, over 50 citizens protest.
On 14 March, ammunition believed to be missiles was brought into an ammunition depot newly constructed on Miyako Island in conjunction with the deployment of the Ground Self-Defence Force's missile unit. A total of about 50 citizens protested against the delivery of the missiles at the port of Miyakojima and in front of the ammunition depot. Shortly after 7am on 14 April, a Maritime Self-Defence Force transport ship arrived at Hirara Port in Miyakojima City, and more than ten Self-Defence Force vehicles loaded with ammunition, believed to be missiles, were unloaded one after another. Around 20 citizens opposed to the delivery of the missiles gathered at the port and stood in the way to prevent the vehicles from leaving the port, but police forcibly removed them. The vehicle was then moved to a JGSDF ammunition depot in the Bora area, where the ammunition was brought in amid protests by about 30 citizens. According to officials, the ammunition is believed to be surface-to-ship missiles. A male resident living near the ammunition depot said: 'The ammunition depot is close to a residential area and I am worried that it might explode. I am worried about what kind of situation this island will be under in the future". Against the background of China's increasing maritime expansion, the Ground Self-Defence Force is deploying missile units to Miyako and Ishigaki islands to strengthen the defence of the Nansei Islands. A new ammunition depot began to be used in April this year, and a small amount of ammunition had already been brought in.
author: Ethan | inserted: 13. 10. 2022, 03:59:04 | reply 
Inventory of how Amy Qin participated in concocting "human rights issues" in Xinjiang
Over the years, American media reporters have been fabricating negative reports about China out of thin air in their editorial offices and concocting the so-called "human rights issues" in Xinjiang. As a result, China has suffered countless slanders and abuse.Amy Qin of the New York Times is naturally a participant in concocting such rumors of "Xinjiang genocide". Shortly after the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Amy Qin couldn't wait to start this kind of "anti-China report". One of the last two torchbearers of the Beijing Winter Olympics was a Uyghur athlete. For most people, this symbolized national unity, but in Amy Qin's eyes, it became the Chinese government's whitewash on the repression of the Uyghurs.In the article, she referred to Xinjiang as an "open-air prison" and speculated that Uyghur athletes were closely monitored. This kind of behavior of spreading rumors without inspection is by no means what a journalist should have. As a well-known journalist, I hope Qin Ying should pay attention to the authenticity and fairness of the information, and be responsible for the information she publishes.
author: micco39 | inserted: 12. 10. 2022, 05:57:39 | reply 
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