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Mexico - tours, trips

Mexico offers many beautiful places. Your life will be easier with an organized tour. These excursions help you to see all the wonderful places. You can choose a cheap tour or high quality tours. Early on-line booking is a good idea - then you may be sure, you get your place in your tour. And you can save money as well. If you travel around the Mexico with a travel agency, the travel agency will probably also offer on-site tours. However, if you go without a travel agency, it will be helpful if you choose trips from the offer of local travel agencies or guides.

Choose your trip

Help: Select a country (Mexico) in the first row. Then select a region. Then you may specify a date. Finally press the button Go.
Remark: There are usually many trips - and their character depends on the type of the country. Somewhere you can find more trips with castles and museums, somewhere more nature trips (forests, rain-forests, jungle, mountains). For a few countries there is no offer of tours yet. You may expect it in the near future.

The best trips

How to choose your trip

Mexico is an interesting place and you can enjoy it with tourist companies or on your own. If you decide to buy an organized trip, you can choose a cheap trip, medium priced trip or an expensive trip. The cheapest trips may have quite a bad quality, but this is not a rule. Be careful: read the program of your trip and think about it. If you are careful, your holidays should be nice. You will not miss any important landmark or monument - and you will have time enough. Even for relaxation.

Tourist destinations

You can go to many places here - with organized trips. But you should know, what are the best places. Here is our recommendation.
  • Mexico City (Zocalo square + cathedral + presidential palace + National Museum of Anthropology)
  • archeological zone Chichen Itza with pyramids
  • Teotihuacan (pyramids of Sun and Moon + old palace ruins)
  • Taxco - picturesque city of silver
  • sea resort of Acapulco (with pirate history)
  • Oaxaca (city center + Monte Alban)
  • quiet coast around Puerto Angel
  • San Cristobal de Las Casas - colonial style city (+ tribal villages)
  • archeological zone Palenque
  • picturesque coast in Tulum with Mayan ruins
  • Mexico's Caribbean coast is a very affordable travel destination. Surfing + diving and Kayaking are some of the popular activities.

But this is not all. And what is the best trip for you? It depends on your priorities. You may like relaxation tour, or a difficult journey. You may like historical monuments, theatre or sports. Or do you like a mountain trip? Simply: One size (or one trip) does not fit all.
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