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Australia - the best places to see

Australia is a continent of many faces. In some of its parts you can find a lot of famous touristic destinations, but some areas are almost untouched. You can go there on your own or with an organized trip - which has its advantages here. Here you can find useful information about traveling in this country: prices, accommodation, itineraries, statistics and more.

Australia - tourist guide for holidays

Australia Australia is a very diverse area, which offers a lot of wonderful places to all tourists. You can admire here beautiful nature, a lot of animals, interesting people, their culture and history as well. Australia has indeed a lot to be proud of. It is very hard to choose only a few highlights, but we will try to.

Australia - countries

~ Christian: 67 %
~ Buddhist: 2 %
~ Muslim: 2 %
~ unspecified: 13 %
~ no religion: 16 %
Religion - Australia
The following pages offer useful information about countries, which are located on the continent Australia. You can find here information about prices, languages, telephone networks, electric networks, travel problems and religions as well. From here you can go directly to pages of the countries:
Electric plug:
Electric plug - Australia

Australia - Travellers Forum

  Have your car
If you want to see as much as possible here in Australia then you should rent or buy a car. If you are here for a few months then it is best choice to buy a car and then sell it again before leaving (to New Zealand :-). ...
  YHA Card
Dobrý den, poraďte mi prosím kde získám YHA Card? děkuji Keson...
  Nechte si dost času
Na Austrálii a okolí si rozhodně nechejte dost času. Jen samotná Austrálie, jestli z ní chcete něco vidět, je na dobrý měsíc (a stejně to bude fofr, to mi věřte). A jestli chcete vidět ještě něco z Tichomoří, tak nezapomeňte, že vám něco seberou přesuny a že spousta míst tady také není vhodná pro ně...

Australia - the map and typical itinerary

Australia - map
There are many ways to see Australia. In this case it is quite easy to choose a country you want to visit. Then look at its page - at MapsGuides.com - and you will find here - under the map - recommended itineraries. You can choose any of them - or combine more of them to create a new itinerary for Australia.

Prices of rooms and meals

Prices symbol

It is often possible to buy cheap meal on streets or in fast-food restaurants. Medium priced meal is usually available in standard restaurants, expensive meal in expensive restaurants. We do not include extreme prices of accommodation and food (for example luxurious apartments in high quality hotels). (Prices are usually very different in different places and in different seasons. In the main season may be in touristic destinations the cheapest rooms unavailable.)

Australia on the Internet

Are you looking for more information? On the Internet there are a lot of information. Here are some advices: Australia may have different names in different languages. For example Austrálie, Australien, L'Australie, Australia. Use these names in search engines. It is good idea to precisely specify what are you looking for. If you need information about a place, use the name in a search engine. You may use other names of the place as well. If you need - for example - an information about history of the place, add the word history to the search engine.

What Others say

In geology and biogeography, Australia (also called Australia-New Guinea, Sahul, Meganesia, Greater Australia, or Australinea) is a continent comprising (in order of size) the Australian mainland, New Guinea, Tasmania, and intervening islands, all of which sit on the same continental shelf. These landmasses are separated by seas overlying the continental shelf — the Arafura Sea and Torres Strait between Australia and New Guinea, and Bass Strait between mainland Australia and Tasmania. When sea levels were lower during the Pleistocene ice age, including the last glacial maximum about 18,000 years ago, the lands formed a single, continuous landmass. During the past ten thousand years, rising sea levels overflowed the lowlands and separated the continent into today's low-lying semi-arid mainland and the two mountainous islands of New Guinea and Tasmania. Geologically, the continent extends to the edge of the continental shelf, so the now-separate lands can still be considered a continent. Due to the spread of flora and fauna across the single Pleistocene landmass, the separate lands have a related biota. New Zealand is not on the same continental shelf and so is not part of the continent of Australia but is part of the submerged continent Zealandia and the wider region known as Oceania or Australasia. Australia is described by the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade as either the world's largest island or the world's smallest continent.

If it is available then we publish here information about the territory from CIA factbook. For Australia it is not available.
CIA The World Factbook
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