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North America - tourist guide for holidays

North America is a continent, which is for a very long time attractive for tourists. You can go there with an organized trip or on your own. And you can admire its history and culture, relax or make a sport. The feel of the places and its great diversity are a guarantee you will cheerfully return to this continent anytime.


North America - the best places to see

North America North America is a very diverse area, which offers a lot of wonderful places to all tourists. You can admire here beautiful nature, a lot of animals, interesting people, their culture and history as well. North America has indeed a lot to be proud of. It is very hard to choose only a few highlights, but we will try to.

North America - countries

~ Christian: 80 %
~ no religion: 8 %
~ Jewish: 2 %
~ Muslim: 1 %
~ Buddhist: 1 %
~ Hinduism: 1 %
~ other: 7 %
Religion - North America
The following pages offer useful information about countries, which are located on the continent North America. You can find here information about prices, languages, telephone networks, electric networks, travel problems and religions as well. From here you can go directly to pages of the countries:
Electric plug:
Electric plug - North America

North America - Travellers Forum

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  It is a different story
In my opinion it is hard to describe the Northern America as a whole. Just the difference between diferent states in USA - and then how do you want to compare USA and Mexico? But it is true that everywhere in NA are great places - Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, New York, San Francisco, Yucatan...
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V severní americe doporučuju hlavně národní parky - Josemit, Grand Kaňon, Monument valey, Niagarské vodopády + města, která člověk nemůže minout - New York, San Francisco, ale třeba i Los Angeles (hlavně Hollywood); a pak v Mexiku Jukatan s pyramidama a přírodu v Guatemale.
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North America - the map and typical itinerary

North America - map
There are many ways to see North America. We recommend you this method: First decide, which countries you want to visit. Then look at their pages - at MapsGuides.com - and you will find here - under the map - recommended itineraries for each country. And then connect the itineraries in different countries - and your final itinerary for the continent North America is created.

Prices of rooms and meals

Prices symbolIt is quite hard to speak generally about the prices in the North America. Northern part of this continent is richer - and more expensive for tourists, its southern part is less rich and cheaper (but not so cheap as south-eastern Asia). This information is valid for accommodation, transport and food as well.

It is often possible to buy cheap meal on streets or in fast-food restaurants. Medium priced meal is usually available in standard restaurants, expensive meal in expensive restaurants. We do not include extreme prices of accommodation and food (for example luxurious apartments in high quality hotels). (Prices are usually very different in different places and in different seasons. In the main season may be in touristic destinations the cheapest rooms unavailable.)

North America on the Internet

Are you looking for more information? On the Internet there are a lot of information. Here are some advices: North America may have different names in different languages. For example Severní Amerika, Nordamerika, L'Amérique du Nord, Norteamérica. Use these names in search engines. It is good idea to precisely specify what are you looking for. If you need information about a place, use the name in a search engine. You may use other names of the place as well. If you need - for example - an information about history of the place, add the word history to the search engine.

What Others say

North America is a continent in the Earth's northern hemisphere and (chiefly) western hemisphere. It is bordered on the north by the Arctic Ocean, on the east by the North Atlantic Ocean, on the southeast by the Caribbean Sea, and on the south and west by the North Pacific Ocean; South America lies to the southeast. It covers an area of about 24,709,000 square kilometers (9,540,000 sq mi), about 4.8% of the planet's surface or about 16.5% of its land area. As of July 2007, its population was estimated at nearly 524 million people. It is the third-largest continent in area, following Asia and Africa, and is fourth in population after Asia, Africa, and Europe. North America and South America are collectively known as the Americas. Scientists have several theories as to the origins of the early human population of North America. The indigenous peoples of North America themselves have many creation myths, by which they assert that they have been present on the land since its creation. Before contact with Europeans, the natives of North America were divided into many different polities, from small bands of a few families to large empires. They lived in several "culture areas", which roughly correspond to geographic and biological zones and give a good indication of the main lifeway or occupation of the people who lived there (e.g. the Bison hunters of the Great Plains, or the farmers of Mesoamerica). Native groups can also be classified by their language family (e.g. Athapascan or Uto-Aztecan). It is important to note that peoples with similar languages did not always share the same material culture, nor were they always allies. Scientists believe that the Inuit people of the high Arctic came to North America much later than other native groups, as evidenced by the disappearance of Dorset culture artifacts from the archaeological record, and their replacement by the Thule people.

If it is available then we publish here information about the territory from CIA factbook. For North America it is not available.
CIA The World Factbook
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