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North America - transport and timetables

Here are the available transport types, which you can use while in North America. You can find here links to transport companies, their timetables and transport rules. The transport may be public (city transport, trains, buses, ships) or private, even special one. We believe it will help you to move to the places you want to visit.

North America - useful information

If you are interested in transport information about any of the following countries, then click to its name. You will get information about trains, buses, airlines, boats (ferries) and city transport (depending on availability).

North America - Travellers Forum

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Transport - quick Help

1) It is often possible to switch the pages with timetables to a world language. Look for a switch. It is usually shown as a flag (for example flag of England).
2) We recommend to find some important words in a vocabulary. For example: departure, arrival, station, work-day, weekend, holidays, supplementary charge, reservation etc.
3) Transport prices can change quite often. You can usually find valid prices at the links on this page. Taxi prices in most countries depend on prices of gasoline and on price level in the country (and work-force price). You can find the price level on the main page of every country.
4) Some of the linked pages show information from one transport company, other show more complete information including transport connections.
5) Try to get accurate information before any of your journeys. It is good to know if the tickets are available in advance or even at all. For some routes and in some periods it may be necessary to book tickets in advance.
6) If you want to buy cheap tickets for your low-budget travel, then try to buy the tickets in advance. It is often possible to get discount for airline tickets this way, but not only for them.

Transportation information

Regarding transportation every country has its specialities. North America is no exception here. On the left side of this page you can find selected links to different kinds of transports in this country. We have selected transports, which may be useful for your travel around this country. Some kinds of them may be quick, other just interesting (for example some boats or trains).

Available places

You will find here - on the pages of the countries - list of places, which are accessible by public transport. To some of them you can go only by one type of transport, for example by boat or by bus, to get to the other places you can choose between more types of transport. Some transport lines may be temporarily out of order. Then you have to find an alternative solution - other kind of public transport or taxi for example.

By public transport you can go to the majority of the places from the list: North America - Most beautiful and most interesting places:
And to many others, of course. (If you click to a link of any country on this list, you will go to the guide around the country. If you want to get information about transport, please use the links on the left side of this page.)
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