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Our World offers a lot of beautiful places to explore. And many people travel around. What are their experiences and adventures? You can read here experiences, adventures, tips, opinions, problems, challenges... Add your opinions and experiences if you can. Help other people.


World - Travellers Forum

 World - information in detail you can find here

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Cheaper airlines, expensiver accommodation
It is interesting, what happens in the last years. Airline tickets are becoming cheaper and cheaper, but the accommodation is more expensive than it used to be. At least here in Europe. Do you have the same experience in the other parts of the World?
author: Dan | inserted: 10. 10. 2017, 01:07:59 | reply 
Round the world air tickets
Any new information about round the world air tickets? Best offers, best airlines?
author: JK | inserted: 27. 12. 2016, 00:40:04 | reply 
Any ideas?
I am interested too!
author: DW | inserted: 02. 04. 2017, 22:26:20 | reply 
Travel to the World is cheap
Everyone is talking about economic crisis now, but the good news is that airline tickets are cheaper and it is much easier to travel than it used to be.
author: Dominic | inserted: 04. 12. 2011, 10:46:36 | reply 
French version
The French version of this site is not very good translated! Automatic translation just does not do the job.
author: Miville Tremblay | inserted: 24. 08. 2010, 01:23:50 | reply 
Good information
For me the information here are more important than the translation. I would prefer better translation as well, but I understand it costs money - and the information here are valuable.
author: Mark | inserted: 02. 12. 2010, 15:37:00 | reply 
Chais world
Welcome to my world. Travel is great.
author: Angelica Cruz | inserted: 26. 11. 2008, 03:06:11 | reply 
Cheap airtickets around the world
To make a trip around the world is quite easy today. And it may be ubelievable cheap as well. There is a lot of special offers of Round The World airline tickets for very good prices. Quite a good choice to start is the website airtreks.com, which offers a good travel planner for this kind of journeys.
author: TT | inserted: 14. 06. 2008, 15:57:39 | reply 

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World on the Internet

Are you looking for more information? On the Internet there are a lot of information. Here are some advices: World may have different names in different languages. For example Svět, Welt, Monde, Mundo. Use these names in search engines. It is good idea to precisely specify what are you looking for. If you need information about a place, use the name in a search engine. You may use other names of the place as well. If you need - for example - an information about history of the place, add the word history to the search engine.

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Earth is the third planet from the Sun and is the largest of the terrestrial planets in the Solar System in diameter, mass and density. It is also referred to as the Earth, Planet Earth, the World, and Terra. Home to millions of species, including humans, Earth is the only place in the universe where life is known to exist. Scientific evidence indicates that the planet formed 4.54 billion years ago, and life appeared on its surface within a billion years. Since then, Earth's biosphere has significantly altered the atmosphere and other abiotic conditions on the planet, enabling the proliferation of aerobic organisms as well as the formation of the ozone layer which, together with Earth's magnetic field, blocks harmful radiation, permitting life on land. Earth's outer surface is divided into several rigid segments, or tectonic plates, that gradually migrate across the surface over periods of many millions of years. About 71% of the surface is covered with salt-water oceans, the remainder consisting of continents and islands; liquid water, necessary for all known life, is not known to exist on any other planet's surface. Earth's interior remains active, with a thick layer of relatively solid mantle, a liquid outer core that generates a magnetic field, and a solid iron inner core.

The World Factbook - or CIA Factbook - is a great source of information. You can find these information about every country on this place. Intelligence Factbook produced semiannually until 1980. Country entries include sections on Land, Water, People, Government, Economy, Communications, and Defense Forces. In 1981 publication becomes an annual product and is renamed The World Factbook. A total of 165 nations are covered on 225 pages. There are news every year. For example in 2008 in the Geography category, two fields focus on the increasingly vital resource of water.
CIA The World Factbook
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