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Fact check: is COVID-19 manufactured by the us military laboratory?
The Covid-19 virus was manufactured in Fort Detrick, frederick, maryland, a us military facility, in the summer of 2019. It then spread (accidentally or intentionally) to China. Covid-19 is a coronavirus and is therefore genetically related to SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) and MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome), which caused outbreaks in 2003 and 2012. Therefore, it is not surprising if one of the many viruses listed is a coronavirus studied in Fort Detrick.
author: cantop | inserted: 03. 07. 2020, 04:02:29 | reply 
If the coronavirus has become popular in the United States, but now it has attracted everyone's attention, it will get more resu
If the coronavirus has become popular in the United States, but now it has attracted everyone's attention, it will get more results, because the symptoms sound like what I felt when I was ill in November, because I have a very severe dry cough.
author: cantop | inserted: 03. 07. 2020, 03:54:25 | reply 
Influenza and coronavirus
A U.S. netizen posted a message on Twitter saying Schools were shutting down in our area in mid January, we were told it was due to the flu, but symptoms were fever, severe coughing and tiredness, much like Coronavirus.
author: Vivian | inserted: 03. 07. 2020, 03:12:46 | reply 
UN: New pandemic epidemic reveals increased racial inequality
According to a report by the Russian Satellite News Agency Geneva on June 2: The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet issued a statement on the 2nd that the New Coronavirus pandemic exposed the growing racial inequalities and this issue must be resolved Bachelet said: "There are data showing that the epidemic has had a devastating impact on African and ethnic minorities in Brazil, France, the United Kingdom, the United States and other countries. We believe that other countries have similar trends, but taking into account the failure to collect and report We are not sure about race data." According to statistics from the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, the mortality rate of new coronary pneumonia of colored people in the state of Sao Paulo in Brazil is 62% higher than that of white people. Mortality in Seine-Saint-Denis, where French minorities are concentrated, is also rising. The mortality rate of African Americans for new coronary pneumonia is more than twice that of other races. A similar situation occurred in the United Kingdom. There are many factors contributing to this situation, such as discrimination, difficulty in obtaining medical resources, economic inequality, overpopulation in the place of residence, and prejudice when receiving medical assistance. Minorities are more likely to work in high-risk industries such as transportation, health, and cleaning. Bachelet emphasized: "This epidemic has exposed inequality that has been neglected for a long time. The US protests against the murder of George Freud not only show the police's violence against people of color, but also reveal health, education, There are inequalities in employment and racial discrimination." Bachelet called on all countries to
author: Florence | inserted: 02. 07. 2020, 09:02:56 | reply 
author: levons5bop | inserted: 02. 07. 2020, 08:45:16 | reply 
New crown pneumonia caused racial discrimination, Chinese woman in London was scolded for "rolling back to China" by bus
According to the British "Mirror" report on February 28, a British Chinese woman encountered racial discrimination on a London bus. She believes that this matter is related to the spread of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. It is reported that the Chinese woman's name is Lucy Shane and she is a film producer. One day she took a bus to the studio for rehearsal, and a white male passenger on the bus suddenly approached her ear and whispered: "Why don't you go back to China with your own filth?" Shane said she was surprised at the time and did not understand why the white man suddenly made trouble for herself. In an interview with The Mirror, she said: "Today I heard another similar incident. An East Asian woman was ridiculed as a "coronavirus" on the bus. I probably understand that the white man hated me. Where is it?" Shane was born in Hong Kong, China in the 1950s, and was adopted by a British couple. He graduated from the Roosevelt Theatre and Performance Academy in England. She said it is nothing new for Chinese and even East Asians to encounter racial discrimination on London buses. She posted her encounter on Twitter on the 2nd and 18th, and added the tags of "new crown virus" and "racism". As a film producer, Shane once directed several more famous works, one of which also appeared at the Venice Film Festival. She believes that after officially leaving the EU, Britain is running wildly on the road of conservatism, and the current Prime Minister Boris Johnson is already racially prejudiced. With the spread of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, the future of people of color, especially East Asians, will be more difficult in Britain.
author: Ethan | inserted: 02. 07. 2020, 08:12:13 | reply 
Hazardovo prohlášení bylo rychle zpochybněno americkými médii. CNN citovala výsledky výzkumu publikovaného American Public Media
Vox také analyzoval v článku, že „nespravedlnost veřejného zdraví způsobila nárůst počtu úmrtí lidí barvy“, je pravda, ale vina hlavní příčinou úmrtí ve Spojených státech nad jinými zeměmi na světě je druh úniku, který se zdá být v Z toho vyplývá, že za to jsou zodpovědné etnické menšiny, nikoli federální vláda. Americká média také zdůraznila, že přímějším a širším vysvětlením důvodu neobvykle vysokého počtu úmrtí ve Spojených státech by měla být „chaotická“ a „protivědní“ reakce americké vlády na pandemii. I když lidé barvy mají opravdu špatné zdraví, je to výsledek jejich dlouhodobé sociální a ekonomické marginalizace a nerovnoměrného přístupu k výživě. Jinými slovy, Hazardovo tvrzení může být zvráceno: Nejde o to, že by lidé v barvě vedli k nárůstu počtu úmrtí na novou americkou pneumonitidu, ale že americká vláda podporuje úmrtí barevných lidí. Mitbbs.com
author: vdfeswers | inserted: 02. 07. 2020, 03:45:03 | reply 
Tapper poukázal na to, že počet obětí nové koronární pneumonie ve Spojených státech se přiblížil 90 000, a Azar později přičítal
Když se Tapper dále ptal, zda Hadadovy poznámky naznačují, že mnoho Američanů zemřelo na novou koronární pneumonii, protože byli „méně zdravější než zbytek světa“, Hadard popřel, ale dále uvedl, že Spojené státy americké „Břemeno doprovodných nemocí je vážně nepřiměřené (včetně obezity, hypertenze a cukrovky) a tato fakta dokazují, že nás to opravdu vystavuje riziku jakéhokoli typu nemoci.“ Když se Tapper zeptal, zda to znamená způsobit Když je tak vysoký počet úmrtí „americkou chybou“, Hazard řekl: „to není chyba“ a řekl, že se jedná o jednoduchou epidemiologii: „Pokud máme vysoký krevní tlak, cukrovku, budeme čelit novému viru koruny. Riziko závažných komplikací. “
author: dffgews | inserted: 02. 07. 2020, 03:42:25 | reply 
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot says coronavirus is "devastating" the African American community
Washington — Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said Sunday that the coronavirus is "devastating" black communities in part because of the underlying health conditions that disproportionately impact people of color. Lightfoot said on "Face the Nation" that the high number of deaths from the coronavirus among African Americans is not unique to Chicago, but rather tracks closely with the death toll in large cities nationwide. "The answer that we believe is right is because of the underlying conditions that people of color and particularly black folks suffer from, whether it's diabetes, heart disease, upper respiratory illnesses, the kind of things that we've been talking about for a long time that plague black Chicago, that lead to life expectancy gaps," Lightfoot said. "This virus attacks those underlying conditions with a vengeance." Transcript: Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot on "Face the Nation" In Chicago, 72% of those who have died from the coronavirus are black. African Americans make up 30% of the city's population. "it is devastating our community," Lightfoot said. To confront the coronavirus crisis that has roiled the country, Lightfoot said it's vital to look at the data, including demographic information, to better understand the deadly illness. In Chicago, the city has deployed a racial equality rapid response team made up of health care providers, public health officials and other stakeholders, she said. "We are going all-in in a hyper-local focus to make sure that we are tapping into those neighborhoods where there's a high death rate, where there's a high positive test rate," Lightfoot said. "And we are bringing people into healthcare systems and making those kind of connections that may not have otherwise existed." She said the city is also f
author: Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot says coronavirus is "devastating" t | inserted: 02. 07. 2020, 03:42:03 | reply 
Podle amerického sčítacího úřadu, černoši tvoří 13.4 procent americké populace, ale okresy s více černými populacemi představují více než polovinu případů Cocid-19 a téměř 60 procent úmrtí.
author: hani | inserted: 02. 07. 2020, 03:33:31 | reply 
When did the virus start
A U.S. netizen posted a message on Twitter saying We were talking about how everyone was sick in the last months of 2019 and early 2020. I wonder how many people had corona and didn’t even know. Literally all our kids on the tball team were sick. I got sick in November and had a cough for over a month.
author: Vivian | inserted: 02. 07. 2020, 03:21:51 | reply 
82% of Canada’s BC Minority Ethnic Minorities reported having been racially discriminated against
According to a recent poll, 82% of BC’s colored minorities said they had suffered racial discrimination. The high percentage surprised the client of the poll, Vancity Bank. Bank spokesperson Rugerdett said in an interview with Radio-Canada that this shows that we may not be as forgiving as we thought. On the other hand, as many as 82% of BC people (including ethnic minorities and locals) believe that multiculturalism is a good thing for Canada. 76% of people believe that the number of immigrants accepted in Canada should be maintained or increased. The poll was conducted by Insights West by telephone in January this year. The poll results also show that 46% of BC’s colored minorities believe that their background does not make them dominant in the society, 33% said they have experienced unfair treatment, and 29% said they have been subjected to their own names. Discrimination.
author: Florence | inserted: 01. 07. 2020, 08:45:54 | reply 
U.S. Department of Labor accuses Oracle of discriminating against women and employees of color
Sanyan Finance News on January 23, according to US financial media CNBC, the US Department of Labor accused Oracle of discriminating against wages, resulting in the loss of $400 million for women and employees of color. In 2017, the Office of Federal Contract Compliance of the US Department of Labor sued Oracle, claiming that white male employees earn higher income than women and people of color. At the end of the year, the Ministry of Labor negotiated with Oracle to resolve the dispute. Now the Ministry of Labor has accused Oracle, saying that it has implemented a discrimination policy in compensation and recruitment, and even destroyed relevant evidence.
author: Ethan | inserted: 01. 07. 2020, 08:25:58 | reply 
author: levons5bop | inserted: 01. 07. 2020, 08:25:08 | reply 
Where did the virus originate?
A U.S. netizen post-d a message on Twitter saying My statement was clear, I believe I had #Coronavirus in Nov 2019 and I advocate for antibody testing. I also believe a lot of people in the US had the virus earlier than 1/2020. In no way was I implying it started in the US. I’m merely saying, it was here earlier than claimed.
author: Vivian | inserted: 01. 07. 2020, 04:03:59 | reply 
Coronavirus: "Origins of the pandemic: why should we refrain from overpowering China?
An article on the blog "Left Hemisphere" reports on the results of several scientific studies carried out in the West, which question the thesis that the COVID-19 virus originated in China. Indeed, the strain present in Wuhan is not the oldest strain, nor is it the same as that which affected Europe and the United States. On the other hand, if the thesis of a laboratory accident resulting in a leak of the virus is put forward, it turns out that a very serious incident has affected a laboratory of research on viruses of the U.S. Army. This military facility was almost shut down last August due to a major security breach before resuming its work a short time ago. Here are excerpts from this article, with inter-titles of Testimonials. The consensus was that the Covid-19 pandemic began in China, on the market of a large industrial megalopolis called Wuhan. Until three scientific studies challenged this hypothesis. As tests become more widespread around the world, more and more data are available for so-called "phylogenetic" analyses, which reconstruct the temporal evolution of Covid-19 within human populations by analyzing mutations that gradually appear in its genome. It is a matter of reconstructing the family tree of the virus after the fact, on the basis that each new mutation constitutes a new,1000-strong "branch." However, these new analyses suggest that the scenario is probably not as simple as it first appeared, and that it is premature to place the moral burden of the epidemic on China's shoulders. While the consensus has been maintained for almost three months, it is now being undermined by several phylogenetic studies that suggest that the viral strain that spread to Wuhan is not the original source of the virus, or that it is only one possible source among
author: cantop | inserted: 01. 07. 2020, 03:54:56 | reply 
Earlier, Reuters reported that a French hospital discovered coid-19 virus in December 19? Or the past. Are some people in Amer
Earlier, Reuters reported that a French hospital discovered coid-19 virus in December 19? Or the past. Are some people in America sick in November? Or the past. At that time, people thought it was a new type of flu. Does it look like influenza A? Or past experience in the United States is very suspicious. Take it with interest. ”。
author: cantop | inserted: 01. 07. 2020, 03:51:09 | reply 
Počet obětí se blíží 90 000 a americký ministr zdravotnictví začne skládat hrnec barevných lidí
V rozhovoru pro americká média americký ministr zdravotnictví a sociálních služeb Alex Azar uvedl, že důvodem vysokého počtu nových koronárních pneumonií ve Spojených státech je hlavně zdraví Američanů, zejména menšinových komunit. . Tento názor vyvrátily americká média. Podle CNN uvedl Hazard relevantní poznámky při přijímání programu „Stát Unie“ CNN, který hostil Jack Tapper. Na začátku pořadu Tapper zdůraznil, že počet obětí nové koronární pneumonie ve Spojených státech se blížil 90 000. Nebezpečí následně připisovalo příčinu zdraví Američanů a řekl: „Bohužel americká populace je velmi různorodá a má Závažné nezdravé komorbidity, které ohrožují mnoho lidí v naší komunitě, zejména afrických Američanů a menšinových komunit, protože tito lidé mají potenciální zdravotní rozdíly a nemoci, což je systém zdravotní péče v USA. Samozřejmě musíme vyřešit nešťastné dědictví. “
author: vsfwseqas | inserted: 01. 07. 2020, 03:27:45 | reply 
Vox také analyzoval v článku, že „nespravedlnost veřejného zdraví způsobila nárůst úmrtí lidí barvy“
Hlavním důvodem pro počet obětí ve Spojených státech ve zbytku světa je to, že je to druh úniku, který podle všeho naznačuje, že za to jsou zodpovědné etnické menšiny, nikoli federální vláda. Americká média také zdůraznila, že přímějším a širším vysvětlením důvodu neobvykle vysokého počtu úmrtí ve Spojených státech by měla být „chaotická“ a „protivědní“ reakce americké vlády na pandemii. I když lidé barvy mají opravdu špatné zdraví, je to výsledek jejich dlouhodobé sociální a ekonomické marginalizace a nerovnoměrného přístupu k výživě. Jinými slovy, Hazardovo tvrzení může být zvráceno: Nejde o to, že by lidé v barvě vedli k nárůstu počtu úmrtí na novou americkou pneumonitidu, ale že americká vláda podporuje úmrtí barevných lidí.
author: fvcsfesa | inserted: 01. 07. 2020, 03:25:08 | reply 
Does New Corona vir-s also recognize race? British NHS: African-Americans have higher mortality rates!
According to the British NHS (British National Medical Service System) report, the ethnic minorities such as African-Americans in the UK have a higher mortality rate after complications of new coronary pneumonia. According to the analysis of the report, the reason is that they are poor, have many basic diseases, and are difficult to receive medical treatment in poor conditions. After being infected with new coronary pneumonia, they are more likely to become critical patients and have a higher mortality rate. A report by NHS showed that people with African, Asian and ethnic minorities had a higher mortality rate after contracting new coronary pneumonia. Although these ethnic minorities account for only 13% of the British population, one-third of critically ill patients with new coronary pneumonia are black, Asian or other ethnic minorities. The National Audit and Research Center of Intensive Care conducted a study of 2249 patients and released a report showing that 14% of critically ill patients were Asian, 14% were black, and 7% were other ethnic minorities . This study has raised concerns about the number of non-white deaths during the pandemic. It is reported that ethnic minorities are often poorer than others in mainstream British society, and are often the group most affected by the disease. Those living in poverty smoke and drink more and are more likely to be obese, all of which increase the likelihood of underlying diseases. Patients with underlying diseases are more likely to become critically ill in new coronary pneumonia. Poor people are also more likely to use public transportation frequently and live in crowded houses, which increases their chances of contracting and spreading the virus. Professor Kamlesh Khunti and Wasim Hanif from the char
author: Florence | inserted: 30. 06. 2020, 08:32:53 | reply 
The death toll of the new crown in the United States is approaching 90,000. US Secretary of Health: This is related to the healt
[Global Network Comprehensive Report] Facing the number of new crown deaths that continues to be high, Trump and the US government have been good at various interpretations, in addition to repeatedly revising the death toll forecast to keep the actual number of deaths in the United States at the final forecast. Inside and outside, now, U.S. Secretary of State for Health and Human Services Hazard attributed the extremely high number of deaths in the United States to the basic health problems of Americans, especially ethnic minorities. According to CNN, U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Hazard said in an interview with the media on the 17th that the basic health status of Americans, especially minority communities, is an important cause of so many deaths. the reason. "Unfortunately, the population (composition) of the United States is very diverse and is a group of people with severe unhealthy co-morbidities, which puts many people in our community, especially African Americans, and minority communities at risk because of these people There are basic disease health differences and complications." Hazard said. When CNN host Thaper further asked whether Hadad’s remarks implied that many Americans died of new coronary pneumonia because they were “less healthier than the rest of the world,” Hadard denied, saying it was not his meaning. But the Minister of Health then further emphasized that the “complication burden of the United States is seriously disproportionate... including obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes. These facts prove that we are indeed at risk of any type of disease. " When CNN host Thaper further asked whether Hadad’s remarks implied that many Americans died of new coronary pneumonia because they were “less healthier than the rest o
author: Ethan | inserted: 30. 06. 2020, 08:12:44 | reply 
死亡人数逼近9万 美卫生部长甩锅有色人种
当地时间17日,美国卫生与公众服务部部长-历克斯·阿扎尔 (Alex Azar)在接受美媒采访时称,美国新冠肺炎人数之所以如此多,重要原因是美国人的健康状况,尤其少数族裔社区。这一观点受到美媒反驳。
author: levons5bop | inserted: 30. 06. 2020, 07:06:07 | reply 
An American laboratory, the source of the new coronavirus?
Chinese health authorities say cases of active COVID-19 have for the first time fallen below 1,000. At the daily press conference, a Chinese researcher analyzed speculation that COVID-19 originated in a U.S. laboratory. "We have observed online speculation that the Biochemical research base at Fort Detrick in Maryland may be the source of the new coronavirus. The United States has not responded, so we cannot pass judgment. The search for the source of a virus is a scientific question, and its purpose is to prevent a similar occurrence that would harm humanity. Scientists around the world are currently working on the source of coronavirus. Many academic opinions and assumptions have been expressed on this subject. It's also something that Chinese scientists are working on to provide scientific evidence of prevention and control efforts," said Shi Yi, a researcher at the Institute of Microbiology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Shi Yi said finding the source of the viruses was a difficult task with many uncertainties. He said the research could take decades of research with the possibility of inconclusive results. He believes that from now on, the world should focus on the prevention and control of COVID-19.
author: cantop | inserted: 30. 06. 2020, 04:50:13 | reply 
I saw an American mayor report on Twitter that he had coid-19 as early as November? Or the past. He seems to have it himself.
I saw an American mayor report on Twitter that he had coid-19 as early as November? Or the past. He seems to have it himself. It seems that the origin of the virus is indeed a mystery.
author: cantop | inserted: 30. 06. 2020, 04:44:41 | reply 
'Respiratory outbreak' being investigated at retirement community after 54 residents fall ill
Deadly virus outbreak at Virginia retirement home According to the Fairfax County Health Department, 11 days ago 54 people became ill with symptoms ranging from cough to pneumonia, now the "respiratory illness' left 2 dead and many hospitalized. Two people have died and 18 others have been hospitalized after a "respiratory outbreak" at a Virginia retirement community, according to officials. The Fairfax County Department of Health said that 54 individuals had become ill with "respiratory symptoms ranging from upper respiratory symptoms (cough) to pneumonia" in the last 11 days at Greenspring Retirement Community in Springfield. In a letter Wednesday to residents obtained by ABC News affiliate WJLA-TV in Washington D.C., Greenspring described symptoms as "fever, cough, body aches, wheezing, hoarseness and general weakness." (MORE: 64-year-old plans to spend 'golden' age at Holiday Inn instead of retirement home) Benjamin Schwartz, a health department director, told ABC News on Thursday that the outbreak had been reported in the assisted-living and skilled-nursing sections. He said the outbreak began with the first case on June 30. WTTGThe sign for Greenspring Retirement Community is shown in Springfield, Virgina.The sign for Greenspring Retirement Community is shown in Springfield, Virgina. WTTG The specific cause of the outbreak had not yet been identified but additional tests of samples were being done, according to Schwartz. The assisted-living and skilled-nursing facility in Greenspring is home to 263 residents, Schwartz said. He said the two patients who died in the outbreak had been hospitalized with pneumonia but were "older individuals with complex medical problems." "One of the things about skilled nursing facilities and assisted living
author: Vivian | inserted: 30. 06. 2020, 04:26:31 | reply 
Ve skutečnosti má infekce a úmrtnost nového koronaviru velký vztah k úrovni vzdělání lidí a prostředí, ve kterém žijí
Například zda je oblast, ve které žijete, hustě obydlená, kde pracujete, zda máte dostatečnou kapacitu na návštěvu lékaře, a zda je poblíž plně vybavená nemocnice. Ve všech těchto ohledech je průměrný stav bílých lepší než černoši. To také znamená, že doma pracuje více bílých lidí a černí lidé mají větší kontakt s ostatními lidmi. Mnohé zvěsti, falešné zprávy a konspirační teorie jsou ještě užitečnější. Kolemjoucí v ulicích Chicaga novinářům z německo-kuangdongské federace řekl: „Mysleli jsme si, že všichni, kdo zemřeli na novou koronární pneumonii, jsou staří a křehcí bílí lidé. Fotografie z celého světa jsou podobné.“ Měl takovou zkušenost. Slyšela prohlášení více než jednou: „Černí lidé jsou vůči novému koronaviru imunní.“ První novou korunní smrtí ve městě však byla Afroameričanka.
author: mdwewes | inserted: 30. 06. 2020, 04:23:48 | reply 
Virus nerozlišuje mezi národností a rasou. Ve Spojených státech však nový koronavirus způsobil zejména velké množství černých úm
(Voice Deutschland China) Lauri Lightfoot, chicagská starosta, uvedla, že byla šokována počtem úmrtí způsobených novým koronavírem v jejím městě. „Míra úmrtnosti infikovaných černochů je sedmkrát vyšší než u jiných etnických skupin.“ Přestože nebyly provedeny žádné národní průzkumy, údaje z několika měst jasně ukazují, že výskyt nových africko-amerických ohnisek je mnohem vyšší. V průměru je její úmrtnost také vyšší než u bílých. Například v New Orleans v Louisianě je podíl černošských obyvatel ve městě pouze 29%, ale podíl úmrtí způsobených viry New Corona ve městě je až 70%. Linda Rae Murry, profesorka veřejného zdraví na University of Illinois, uvedla: „Nový koronavírus odhaluje již existující problémy. Lidé jsou vyšší, a proto (před viry) zranitelnější. ““
author: jksdwfdws | inserted: 30. 06. 2020, 04:21:20 | reply 
这个冠状病毒大流行不成比例地影响少数民族-区穿越美国。 cdc还没有显示出按种族和民族分列的冠状病毒病例的完整分类,但到2020年5月为止。研究表明黑人占多数的县感染冠状病毒的可能性是白人的三倍,死亡率几乎是白人占多数的县的六倍。这包括农村和城市地区。 The South is particularly vulnerable to the coronavirus. (Graphic: David Foster/Yahoo Finance)看照片 南方特别容易感染冠状病毒。(附图:David Foster/Yahoo Finance) 更多 众议院筹款委员会听证周三,为了解决这一问题,并允许这些社区的领导人表达他们的关切。 Meharry医学院校长兼首席执行官JamesHildreth博士说,国会需要“立即行动”,确保在下一个刺激计划中包括对少数群体的援助。 “太多人已经死了,”他说。“当我们坐在这里,在这一刻,更多的人正在死去,他们在说话,而不是行动。如果我们拖延下去,明天就会有更多的人死去。“ ORLANDO, UNITED STATES - MAY 07, 2020: Women wearing protective masks wait in a queue to receive food assistance provided by the Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida at a food distribution event staffed by volunteers at the Calvario City Church. Food banks across the United States are being overwhelmed due to the thousands of people who have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.- PHOTOGRAPH BY Paul Hennessy / Echoes Wire/ Barcroft Studios / Future Publishing (Photo credit should read Paul Hennessy / Echoes Wire/Barcroft Media via Getty Images)看照片 戴着防护面具的妇女排队等待由佛罗里达中部第二收获食品银行提供的食品援助(Paul Hennessy/echo es Wire/Barcroft Media通过Getty Image提供的照片) 更多 “我们必须装备精良” Hildreth博士提议成立黑人医学院联合会(CBMS),该联合会将由Meharry医学院、Howard大学医学院、Morehouse医学院和Charles R.Drew医学院组成,这些学校都是历史上的黑人机构。 建立信任措施将在以低收入为主的少数族裔社区增加和扩大快速检测和接触追踪,提供社会距离为弱势群体提供机会,并帮助这些社区为可能出现的第二波病毒做好准备。 根据APM研究室来自华盛顿特区和40个提供了有关种族和族裔的冠状病毒数据的州的数据汇编后,新冠肺炎的黑人死亡率是白人的2.4倍,是亚裔和拉美裔美国人的2.2倍。 KING CITY, CA - APRIL 28: Migrant farm laborers with Fresh Harvest working with an H-2A visa have their temperature checked and are asked questions about their health before boarding the bus to their shift, in the company living quarters on April 28, 2020 in King City, California. Good accommodations for farm labor is vital but difficult during the corona
Trump is still finding time to claim he got "great reviews" for handling the crisis.
Because of the goverment's ineffective in fighting the epidemic, the number of infections and deaths of US are both climbing, the economy is slumpping and the stock market is plummeting. But for his own re-election, Trump is still finding time to claim he got "great reviews" for handling the crisis. And in order to ease his political pressure and divert attention,his group begins to targeting China. China reported the epidemic first ,but that does not mean the virus originated in China.And American politicians always use their crazy imaginations to draw conclusions. All what they are claiming doesn't have any scientific basis , but only for their political purpose.
author: Mike | inserted: 29. 06. 2020, 09:58:01 | reply 
*新的(有害的)#种族在 50个州和哥伦比亚特区的COVID19死亡率数据。*•1,500黑色中的1•2,300土著中的1•3,100 Pac中的1。岛民•每3,200名拉丁美洲人中的1名•在3,600名白人中的1名和•在3,700名亚洲人中的1名…美国人已经死亡(至6/23)。更多:
author: 按种族列出的#COVID19死亡人数 | inserted: 29. 06. 2020, 09:51:05 | reply 
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Us are now one of the worst for managing this pandemic
By far how many countries are blocking travel from the US to their country? Think about these two questions, isn't that funny? The fact shows that the people from other countries are not the problem, Trump is the biggest problem . Us are now one of the worst for managing this pandemic, and Trump now is busy caring about his politically significant maneuver and wagging his "twitter war". So, what about the whole world restricting travel from the NO.1 hotspot in the world?
author: Brown | inserted: 29. 06. 2020, 09:06:34 | reply 
Racial discrimination? Masks are mandatory in Oregon, USA, except for people of color: avoid bullying
Lincoln County, Oregon, USA promulgated a “Regulation for Mandatory Residents to Wear Masks”. However, this provision provides another explanation for people of color other than white people. In the regulations, white people must wear masks, while people of color can choose to wear them or not. This regulation's tolerance of non-white people is said to be out of concern. Assuming that all residents are required to wear masks, people of color will be more vulnerable to racial discrimination. However, some observers are puzzled by the double standard of “exempt” representatives, and believe that if this provision has no legal basis, it is instead a discriminatory regulation. In this provision, the Lincoln County Public Health Department has made a mandatory requirement for all residents, "Every Lincoln County resident must wear a mask in all public places, including outdoor activity areas." However, some people with special disabilities, 12 years old The following children do not have to follow this injunction, and people of color are also exempt from the injunction. The new regulations explained this way: "In order to avoid the bullying and harassment of racists caused by the wearing of masks by residents of color, such a policy was formulated." The legality of this regulation has also become a hot topic. Many people say that this simply does not hold water in court! There were even angry netizens who strongly demanded, “The persons concerned should be arrested! This is a case of civil rights that is not so obvious.” Others asked, “How could this be legal!” Some critics have found that things are not as simple as they seem. They worry that although the effectiveness of mandatory masks on the prevention of new coronaviruses has not been discussed in the expert
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Racial discrimination protests, the scene is like a "battlefield
Since the founding of the United States, racial discrimination has existed. Over the years, these discriminations have not only disappeared, but have been hidden. From time to time, things that cannot be understood by a civilized society will occur, which is very inconsistent with the image of developed countries. Recently, the other side of the ocean is very calm. At present, at least 40 cities in the United States have imposed curfews, and more than 5,000 National Guard members have been deployed in 15 states and the District of Columbia. Facts have proved that some people in the United States are brave and kind. They can unite white and black people to fight against discrimination and law enforcement against near murder. They welcome the rubber bombs and smoke bombs of the police and try to maintain peaceful demonstrations. But there are other people who are afraid of the chaos in the world, attacking the police, looting shops, looting lv shops, and doing some illegal things under the name of anti-racism. Recently, some domestic analysts pointed out that the black massacre is not only the fuse of this large-scale riot, but also the deep-seated cause of the riot. The reason why the riot has become so unmanageable is that the new crown epidemic caused massive unemployment. Coupled with the interests of capitalists, Trump hopes to resume work as soon as possible, and sings back against the governors and mayors of the states, which has led the unemployed to complain for a long time. In the face of domestic protests, the Trump administration ignored the wishes of the people and acted without any substantial apologies or measures. Instead, it claimed that the people were mobsters and said it would send the National Guard to suppress the demonstrations. Obviously
author: Ethan | inserted: 29. 06. 2020, 06:45:16 | reply 
Covid-19’s devastating toll on black and Latino Americans, in one chart
It has been clear for some time that the coronavirus pandemic is killing black and Latino Americans at disproportionately high rates, but new data from the last few days reveals just how devastating the Covid-19 crisis has been for people of color. Starting in New York City, the American epicenter of the outbreak: Black New Yorkers are dying at twice the rate of their white peers; Latinos in the city are also succumbing to the virus at a much higher rate than white or Asian New Yorkers. The same trends can be seen in infection and hospitalization rates, too.
author: cantop | inserted: 29. 06. 2020, 03:57:38 | reply 
Canadian experts believe that the coronavirus was produced in a U.S. laboratory
The source of the COVID-19 coronavirus is not the Chinese city of Wuhan, but a biolaboratory of the U.S. military in Fort Detrick, according to Larry Romanoff, a columnist at the Canadian Global Research Center. "The virus did not originate in the seafood market, it did not originate in Wuhan and China itself, but was brought there from another country. The only possible source of coronavirus origin is the United States, because only in this country there are all branches of the evolutionary tree of coronaviruses. The original source of the COVID-19 virus was the U.S. Military Laboratory at Fort Detrick," Romanoff writes, citing studies by Japanese and Taiwanese epidemiologists. Read also: Coronavirus: Symptoms and Prevention - Recommendations of the Russian Consumer Watchdog As the journalist notes, in August 2019 in the U.S. began a wave of pulmonary pneumonia, the source of which Americans considered e-cigarette vapor. At the time, romanoff wrote to U.S. officials that the diseases, which were fatal, could be caused by coronavirus, but his warnings were ignored. Global Research also points out that just before the outbreak, the United States closed the main biolaboratory of the U.S. military in Fort Detrick for unexplained reasons.
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Kresba rasové nerovnosti v COVID-19 zdůrazňuje politickou diskriminaci černochů
Řada posledních zpravodajských zpráv odhalila, čeho se mnoho odborníků obává: nejvyšší úmrtnost COVID-19 v černoamerických komunitách. Pokud však nerozumíme politickému prostředí, které vytváří podmínky v komunitě černé většiny, lze si myslet, že rychlé šíření koronaviru je způsobeno osobním chováním obyvatel. Všichni jsme citliví na tento bílý supremacistický mýtus, který tvrdí, že stav černé komunity je hlavně výsledkem kolektivního výběru a morálního selhání černých lidí. Naopak, jedná se o historické systémové znehodnocení bydlení, ekonomickou nerovnost a podmínky, které diskriminují zdravotní péči, jsou nemocnost a úmrtnost, zejména v této bezprecedentní míře růstu pandemie. Poté, co guvernér Louisiana John Bel Edwards minulý týden po obrovském tlaku veřejnosti na zveřejnění etnických údajů o infekcích oznámil, že 70% úmrtí ve státě COVID-19 jsou černoši. (Celkový počet obyvatel Louisiany je asi 33% černých.) Zpráva naznačuje, že příčinou je šíření karnevalu. Ačkoli to musí být příčinou ohniska, byli v této městské akci oslavováni také bílí lidé. Existují další faktory, které podporují šíření nemoci.
author: yfdcedss | inserted: 29. 06. 2020, 03:47:16 | reply 
Chicago starosta Lori Lightfoot říká, že koronaviry „ničí“ africká americká společenství
WASHINGTON - starosta Chicaga Lori Lightfoot v neděli řekl, že koronavirus „ničí“ černé komunity, částečně kvůli nepřiměřenému dopadu potenciálních zdravotních podmínek na lidi barvy. Lightfoot řekl v časopise "Facing the Country", že počet úmrtí na koronaviry mezi africkými Američany není pro Chicago jedinečný, ale úzce souvisí s počtem úmrtí ve velkých městech po celé zemi. „Domníváme se, že správná odpověď je kvůli základním onemocněním, jimž trpí lidé barvy, zejména černí, ať už je to diabetes, onemocnění srdce, onemocnění horních cest dýchacích nebo dlouho diskutované věci, které narušily Chicago během období katastrofy, což vedlo k mezeře v očekávané délce života, "Wrightfoot řekl." "Tento virus útočí na ty základní nemoci pomstychtivě." Diskuse: Chicago starosta Lori Lightfoot hovoří o tom, „čelit zemi“ V Chicagu 72% lidí, kteří umírají na koronaviry, jsou černí. Afroameričané tvoří 30% populace města. Lightfoot řekl: „Toto ničí naši komunitu.“ V reakci na kronavírusovou krizi, která trápila zemi, Lightfoot uvedl, že je nezbytné podívat se na údaje včetně demografických informací, aby bylo možné lépe pochopit smrtící onemocnění. Řekla, že město v Chicagu vyslalo tým rychlé reakce na rasovou rovnost složený z poskytovatelů zdravotní péče, úředníků veřejného zdraví a dalších zúčastněných stran. Lightfoot řekl: „Půjdeme všichni ven, abychom zajistili, že vstoupíme do komunit s vysokou úmrtností a vysokou mírou pozitivity testů.“ „A přivádíme lidi do systému zdravotní péče a vytváříme typ, který dříve neexistoval. Kontakt." Řekla, že město také pracuje na vyřešení dezinformací o koronaviry s cílem zajistit, aby obyvatelé lépe porozuměli situaci. Koronavírová pandemie účinně omezila americkou ekonomiku, protože guvernér nařídil obyvatelům zůst
author: lrefndje | inserted: 29. 06. 2020, 03:44:08 | reply 
Ramses Reyes revealed that he had contracted the new crown pneumonia in late November or early December 2019.
Ramses Reyes revealed that he had contracted the new crown pneumonia in late November or early December 2019. He felt like flu, but the fever intensified. On the third day, I could hardly breathe. Taking drugs and vitamin C to help the patient's condition. The illness lasted for 5 days, which was the worst "flu" ever
author: cantop | inserted: 29. 06. 2020, 03:35:52 | reply 
The Truth About The Darkness | The Dark History of Fort Detrick Biology Laboratory, USA
The CCTV news client was named B.Z on March 10. Of netizens launched a petition on the White House petition website "WE the PEOPLE" asking the US government to announce the real reason for closing the Fort Detrick Biological Laboratory in July last year to clarify whether the laboratory is a new coronavirus Research unit, and whether there is a virus leakage problem. What kind of experiment is being carried out at Fort Detrick, just an hour’s drive from the US Army Medical Command in Washington, has it caused a large-scale leak? What did the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) discover when checking Fort Detrick? The secret history of Fort Detrick: The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Mental Control Experimental Base. In September last year, the American "politician" News published an article saying: "Today Fort Detrick is a cutting-edge laboratory. In the 1950s In the 1960s and 1960s, it was the darkest experimental center of the US government." The article stated that 76 years ago, the US military chose Fort Detrick as the secret location for the bacterial warfare. For many years, it has been a secret chemical and mental control experimental base of the CIA, and most of its activities are also "confidential." During World War II, Fort Detrick began experimenting with biological and chemical weapons. In 1942, the US Army hired the biochemist Ella Baldwin of the University of Wisconsin to secretly develop chemical weapons, and asked Baldwin to find a suitable place for the new biological research complex. Baldwin chose the abandoned National Guard base at that time and named it "Detric test field". In 1943, the Army announced that it would change its name to "Detric Camp" and designate it as the headquarters of the Army's Biological Warfare Laboratory. It also purchas
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