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Brazil - accommodation, hotels

Brazil offers many possibilities of tourist accommodation. You can find cheap hotels here, pensions (with toilet/WC and shower in the room) and (in some places) luxurious five-star hotels. The rooms are usually single-bed, double-bed or bigger. Do you know date of your travel in advance? Make your room booking-reservation here - on-line - and save money.

Brazil - last minute offers - hotels

Choose your hotel accommodation

Help: Either fill in information when and where you want to live or click on the button: Search. You can fill in the required information later. If you wish, you can fill in here the date of your arrival and departure and the state and town where you want to stay. You can quickly find hotels, pensions and private accommodation this way.

Brazil - hotels and interesting places

Are you looking for a good place to stay? Do not forget, what beautiful and interesting places Brazil offers. It is a good idea to stay in a hotel, which is near your favorite places. Here are our tips for interesting places:
  • Rio de Janeiro (Jesus atop Corcovado Hill + Sugar Loaf rock + Santa Teresa quarter + Copacabana beach)
  • Iguacu Falls
  • Pantanal National Park (wetlands + wildlife)
  • Manaus city + Amazonia (Teatro Amazonas + market-hall Adolpho Lisboa + floating harbor + Ponta Negra beach) + junction of Rio Negro and Rio Solimoes rivers
  • Salvador (former capital - Pelourinho quarter + beaches) + Itaparica and Ilha dos Frades islands
  • Bonito - ecotourism destination
  • beautiful city of Ouro Preto (Baroque architecture - UNESCO) + Mariana city mines
  • Chapada dos Guimaraes National Park (rock formations)
  • Itatiaia National Park
  • Brasilia (modern cathedral + Tres Poderes square + National theatre - Aztec pyramid + President palace)

The best trips

Hotel types

There are many different types of hotels - and they have very different parameters. We will look at them together. We will start with the most visible parameter - number of stars. (Minimum size of a room is given for single/double bed.)
  • Hotel with one star (one-star hotel) - Tourist class: Size of the rooms is 8/12,6 square meter, there is a towel, mirror, cold water in the room, hot water in a shower on the same floor. You will see there a reception and one public phone. You can get there a continental breakfast.
  • Hotel with two stars (two-star hotel) - Standard class: the most important differences from one star hotel - there is hot water in the room, a writing desk, a bedside lamp, a bottle opener and a drinking glass. You can buy there lunch, dinner and drinks.
  • Hotel with three stars (three-star hotel) - Comfort class: Size of the rooms is 9/13 square meter, there is a case desk and a lockbox. 90 percent of rooms have its own bathroom, 75 percent a telephone. There is a bath towel in the bathroom and a bath rug (at the shower).
  • Hotel with four stars (four-star hotel) - First Class: Size of the rooms is 11,4/13,3 square meter, there is a mirror in the room. All rooms have its own bathroom and WC, radio, television and telephone. There is haberdashery, stationery, paper napkins and a shoehorn. The hotel offers washing and ironing of your clothes, breakfasts are in the buffet form.
  • Hotel with five stars (five-star hotel) - Luxury class: Size of the rooms is 15/24 square meter, there is a three-piece suite and hairdresser desk. 80 percent of rooms has a bath-tub. Every guest has its own wash-basin, there is a hair dryer and a safe. You can organize a banquet and a feast here.
Some hotels from the lower classes offer better services. Sometimes you can hear about hotels with more stars - six or seven stars - but it is a marketing of some exotic places. And you should know one more thing about the accommodation parameters: Apartment offers more than one room, there is a small cookery place. Bungalow is a separate building, inside it is similar to an Apartment. Studio has one room with a small cookery place. Suite means two hotel rooms of high standard - without cookery.
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